Why Jose for San Diego Unified District B?

Let’s unite around a common cause - to improve our school district and rescue our children’s’ education from a critical race to the bottom! A free and competitive public education is the bedrock institution that facilitates the American Dream and that of a liberal, free democracy.

As your Trustee, I will work to provide the abundant opportunities for our kids to acquire fundamental knowledge and gain necessary skillsets that enable a productive and fulfilling life. As parents, private citizens, and taxpayers, we can act now!

San Diego Unified, once a top-performing school district in the nation, has engaged in a vicious cycle of un-education. We have an expensive over-focus on ideologies and an under-focus on proven core education. The majority of our students who are socioeconomically disadvantaged, can’t read or do math proficiently. Enough is enough – it is time that we step up, link arms, and reclaim our precious school district.

I am a military veteran and a "veteran" when it comes to advocating for true education in our school district. Since 2017, I have actively advocated, led parent coalitions, and collaborated with community alliances to preserve educational core subject matter and prevent its deterioration.

I kindly ask for your precious vote and can’t wait to connect with you on my campaign trail.

Empowering Parents

Recognizing family engagement is crucial to student success and long-term achievement, I will build parent-community-school alliances to prepare our students as the future workforce and citizens, while keeping parents at the core of their child’s education. This includes reversing some of the damaging trends like harmful sex ed curriculum, reliance on remote/online instruction, & barriers to parental involvement in school programs.

Improving Educational Performance

Given an 88% graduation rate, San Diego falls below more than half of our state, we need a shift in academic focus. Combating divisive race ideologies, promoting viewpoint diversity and critical thinking in the classroom, while channeling the majority of funding into proven fundamental subject matter is what can turn this trend around. This included testing options, advancement and special needs programs, and holistic approach to student mental health.

Fiscal Responsibility

Utilize our school funding transparently to promote accountability, focus on higher need students, preserve advanced programs, & maintain an excellent teaching staff.

Make Donation

Please consider making donations to help champion pro-education initiatives

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Vote June 7, 2022 & November 8, 2022

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