About Jose

Jose Velazquez is a decorated United States Navy veteran, who served our country proudly for over a decade, including in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. After his military service, Jose furthered his education with a Master of Arts degree in English teaching for English learners and a minor in Business. Jose is a first-generation immigrant of Hispanic descent, a first-generation university graduate, and a proud father of two kids who graduated from SDUSD.

Jose expanded his involvement as parent and advocate when he developed a parent coalition to improve school curricula. He led the coalition to successfully advocate and ultimately fought SDUSD and Cal Dept of Ed in the Courts to stop its promotions of two fringe curriculum under religious studies. One case at SDUSD and the other under ‘Ethnic Studies’ Cal Dept of Ed. In 2017, he led a parent coalition resulting in the removal of SDUSD’s unconstitutional curriculum. Since 2020, he has participated in community collaboration to raise public awareness on SDUSD’s promotion of critical race theory and actively works to reverse damaging trends in administration. Through 2021, he joined a group of parents and a civil rights organization to challenge the constitutionality of two religious prayers in the state-approved Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum. Both times, Jose prevailed in forcing the defendants to drop problematic educational contents.

Jose is an effective and passionate alliance builder among San Diego’s diverse ethnic communities. He believes in empowerment and true collaboration for common objectives of bettering our city and public education. For his tremendous service in coalition building, Jose received a Certificate of Recognition for “Leadership and Advocacy to Engage and Empower All Minority Groups” from State Senator Shannon Grove in 2019.

“As a Bachelors and Masters of Education graduate and SDUSD parent with military and workforce experience, I understand the variety of pursuits a student must be prepared for as they advance through primary education and toward graduation. I will bring knowledge and experience to the Trustee role with proven methods of education, so that all SDUSD students can learn efficiently and make advances in their education.”

-- Jose

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