Key Issues

Empowering Parents

Recognizing family engagement is crucial to student success and long-term achievement. Having raised two children through San Diego Unified schools, Jose knows what it takes to connect with families and empower students’ school and career opportunities. Jose will build parent-community-school alliances to prepare our future work force and citizens while keeping parents at the core of their child’s education. This includes reversing some of the damaging trends like harmful sex ed curriculum, reliance on remote/online instruction, & barriers to parental involvement in school programs.

Jose has fought various grassroots battles for the single objective of improving education for our community. He has seen first-hand the sidelining of parents and community members who want to engage in their schools.

As your Trustee, Jose will work for you and WITH you to achieve true parent-administrator alliances that benefit schools, teachers, and families. He will work to introduce policies and initiatives that empower parents, taxpayers and community members in a free, fair, and transparent way.

Promote Critical Thinking & Viewpoint Diversity

Diversity is an empty promise without diversity of thought. As an immigrant who has connected with individuals of all backgrounds through his military service and grassroots activities, Jose truly understands the value of critically thinking, making decisions that fit your family, and respecting each other’s differences. Critical thinking, not political correctness, should be a key objective of a good education.

Prior Board President Richard Barrera openly admitted that the district is teaching the principles of ethnic studies in all disciplines including science, math, and English. SDUSD’s ethnic studies program is centered around ideological presumptions of systemic racism, rather than a legally required socially constructive goal of fostering cross-cultural understanding. SDUSD students, as young as four-years-old, are compelled to learn racially driven and divisive lessons, such as disrupting whiteness in early education.

Jose fundamentally disagrees with teaching curriculum that emphasizes victimhood. Teaching history though a narrow lens of power and oppression, or racism as an enduring, systemic feature of our diverse society, does nothing to expand our students mind and rather divides where it could unite. As your District B board member, Jose will safeguard our right to discuss and share diverse viewpoints, so that our students can be educated on how to think, not what to think.

Our school board has simply gone too far. Jose has been battling these corrosive trends for years with a proven track of success. Once elected, he will work diligently to ensure that politics be removed from our district’s curricula, social initiatives, and other operations. It is time to put the focus back on receiving education and skills to be prepared for their adult careers.

Improving Educational Performance

SDUSD has a chance to turn around a crisis in student success. With an 88% graduation rate, San Diego ranks below more than half of our state and we need a shift in academic focus. Only 48% have achieved math proficiency and 57% can’t read at their current grade level. To make matters worse, 54% of our students come from economically disadvantaged families that qualify for subsidized meals and 19.6% of our students are English learners. Our current board is doing all our students a disservice by conducting thought experiments instead of good policy reforms. Combating divisive race ideologies, promoting viewpoint diversity and critical thinking in the classroom, while channeling the majority of funding to proven fundamental subject matter like STEM programs, is what can turn this trend around. This includes testing options, advancement and special needs programs, and holistic approach to student mental health.

As a first-generation college student from a humble immigrant background, Jose understands the struggles of low-income families. Providing basic necessities while trying to keep up with their children’s learning was particularly difficult during the distance learning period, first brought on by COVID-19 pandemic measures but perpetuated by inconsiderate school policies. The district unfairly put heavy burdens on the shoulders of these struggling families, requiring them to acquire laptops and internet, and creating additional unnecessary barriers to learning.

Retaining Excellent programs and teachers is more critical than ever following two years of unpredictable school closures. With declining enrollment, smart evaluation of school options and funding to bring students to the schools that best fit their needs is key to improving our access to education. The district should use the taxpayer funding available on initiatives that lift up lagging students, like after school and tutoring programs. Emphasizing academic standards and focus on literacy & STEM will empower students while maintaining rigorous standards that builds character & achievement in our students of every age.

Our teachers deserve our gratitude and are the backbone of an excellent education system. The school district must acquire and retain great teachers who value the importance of quality education for all of our students. Jose would work with board colleagues, teachers, and community to redirect financial resources to provide necessary teacher training to upgrade SDUSD teachers’ core job competencies and devise cost-effective incentive programs to retain quality teachers. Likewise, he would also collaborate to balance the decision making process among the district, the teachers union, teachers, and the community.

Fiscal Responsibility

Jose advocates for utilizing our school funding transparently to promote accountability, focus on higher need students, preserve advanced programs, & maintain an excellent teaching staff.

With a recognition of all stakeholders in public education, Jose recognizes our school district is expending precious local taxpayer funds poorly. The 2021-2022 Local Control and Accountability Plan has a projected revenue of $1.07 billion with a re-distribution of funds to new initiatives - “Ethnic Studies for All” and “Anti-Racism”, that will not improve our schools, retain excellent teachers, or foster our students’ mental health. We need to stop the irresponsible waste of public money. Jose will not support initiatives that increase property and business tax, but work to use the ample existing funding in core education and proven programs.

Jose will work with board colleagues and community to craft policies that give parents and communities visibility into and influence over district spending, through a robust system of mandatory public reporting, accountability and contracting rules.

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